• 1. Embark on Journey of Self Discovery

    • Cultural and Behavioral assessment of organization
    » What is the level of engagement across hierarchies and departments?
    » What are some of the unwritten rules compared to the official mission, vision and values?
    • Conduct thorough Stakeholder analysis
    • How do information and decision making flow throughout the organization?
    • Current State Value Stream Map

  • 2. Get to the Heart of the Matter

    • Capture true Voice of the Customers
    • What truly matters to customers, stakeholders and process owners?
    • What is the Ideal State?
    » In the wildest dreams of the stewards, what would your business look and feel like?

  • 3. Health Check and Diagnosis

    • Current State vs Ideal State Gap Analysis
    • Current KPI’s vs the Heart of the Matter
    » Are we measuring what is truly essential to run the business and meet customer needs?
    • Performance against Voice of Customer
    » Are we measuring what is truly essential to see the needs of the customer?

  • 4. Wellness Plan

    • Stop the bleeding
    » Crises containment of the most critical barriers for the business
    • Collaborative Process Redesign
    • Improve, standardize and document critical processes

  • 5. Sustainability Plan

    • Build desire and capability for self-sustainment of changes and improvements
    • Real-time pulse checks across organization
    • Strategic realignment
    » Metrics/Dashboard realignment
    » Streamline reporting and communications